The River of Life

1st June, 2020

I started the painting 2 months ago. What inspired me was Mark Virkler’s book which included meditations about being in the river running from God and Jesus’s throne. It is crystal blue and I wanted to incorporate God’s word his creation – the amazing beauty of it all and colour. At times I wasn’t sure […]

I’m hoping that we don’t go back to ‘normal’ 

19th May, 2020

In this reflection I’m not addressing the virus and people becoming ill etc, I’ll leave that for another time. This is personal, thinking about my own experience; forgive me for this indulgence, however I do hope you find it helpful, with is why I share it. For many people this time of lockdown has been […]

Inside Out Poem

18th May, 2020

We are all unique, but really the same, On the inside we all have lungs, a heart and a brain, We all have emotions ‘this lock down is a drain; We laugh, cry, sleep and eat, Jo Wicks online, ‘Come on move those feet’ Ten minutes of that ‘I’m beat’. Time is the same for […]

Salt From the Sea

6th May, 2020

Today I was struck with a thought. We are called to be salt. One way of getting very good salt is by evaporating sea water. We all know the phrase ‘the sea of humanity’. The Son of Righteousness has lifted us out of the sea of humanity and separated us (dried us out) from the […]

Being Creative: Lessons from Lockdown

5th May, 2020

I never thought just a few weeks go that I would be seeing only a handful of people from the church community for weeks on end and that our offering of worship would be all online. We are in a world that none of us imagined. This has raised some fundamental questions for me. How […]

Soft Hearts & Stoney Hearts

4th May, 2020

Hi folks, Andrew & I are hoping you are all well. As some of you will know we went on a big trip round Scotland at the end of February to visit his older family. Now we are so glad we did as we don’t know when we’ll next be able to visit! Just before […]

Seclusion…A Positive Time?

30th April, 2020

I was in the garden the other day and I was pondering the words used in morning prayer that morning. We read, from Luke’s gospel that Elizabeth, in her old age (who had been barren for her whole life) had conceived. Elizabeth, for five months remained in seclusion. And then in the Exodus reading that […]


17th April, 2020

Today I have been doing something rather unusual for me – gardening. We have a very prolific weed in our garden. It doesn’t respond to weed killer. The roots travel along unseen underground and pop up in unexpected places. They criss-cross over each other and get tangled in other plants making it hard to separate […]

Drawing Closer to God

17th April, 2020

Wednesday 15th April 2020 – Lockdown. Whilst being in lockdown I have drawn closer with God and do have a deeper relationship, it hasn’t been easy, in fact it has been testing. However, I can see God on the move in different areas of my life that I haven’t really noticed before. I have been […]


10th February, 2018

On Sunday 31st December 2017, Diana and Isabella were baptised at St. Peter’s Church. It was a very special day for the family, and for us. It was made more special because their father and mother live and work in Jordan. I thought it was curious that while Jesus went to the River Jordan to […]

United in Lent

2nd March, 2017

I’m taking a picture-a-day during lent to help me reflect on being united with Christ, whilst preparing for Easter. Here is my first offering (I’m nor promising to publish every one of them but we’ll see). These small flowers are dotted around our garden. Some of them are lonely, on their own, while others are […]

Lifestreams and Social Media

17th January, 2017

Stories of abuse and people causing upset on social media circulate widely.  In a 1992 book about the Internet I read, “If you have not been offended by something you have seen on the Internet yet, you will be”, sadly, nothing has changed, but should this warning stop us engaging with social media? Absolutely NOT. […]