United in Lent

I’m taking a picture-a-day during lent to help me reflect on being united with Christ, whilst preparing for Easter. Here is my first offering (I’m nor promising to publish every one of them but we’ll see). These small flowers are dotted around our garden. Some of them are lonely, on their own, while others are bunched together. This started me off.

We are all equal…really!

There’s one thing about Jesus, there is no hierarchy. We are all human beings remembering that we are but dust and to dust we shall return. We are equal. Some of us may have different roles and responsibilities. We all have different gifts and abilities and something to give. Look at the flowers of the field, the scriptures invite us….the tulip, currently just shooting in the garden, has no greater value than the daffodil (already showing us the splendour and announcing the imminent, early days of spring….and with it the season of Lent. The Crocus…beautiful and Snowdrops and the coming plethora of flora in the coming months may have us gasping with delight…probably not ‘gasping’ in my garden!! The point is that they have their own beauty individually and together they make a wonderful display that far outweighs individuality. But it is made up of many individuals who need each other.

Humans have emotions and baggage and selfishness and insecurities and relationships and power issues and vulnerabilities and…..and yet God calls us to come together to live  life in relationship with God the Father and in relationship with each other. God creates a challenging way of living, according to His purposes, to live our lives together for others. How difficult is that?