Lifestreams and Social Media

Stories of abuse and people causing upset on social media circulate widely.  In a 1992 book about the Internet I read, “If you have not been offended by something you have seen on the Internet yet, you will be”, sadly, nothing has changed, but should this warning stop us engaging with social media?

Absolutely NOT.  

This is no longer “new technology” and we should actively engage with it. Christians have always had a deep desire to share the “good news” of Christ. Spreading the Gospel should be at the very heart of our existence.

Christians engaged early with the “new technology” of printing. The first printed book was a Bible.  In 1536, William Tyndale printed a bible in English, for which he was burned at the stake.  Did this stop people printing the Bible?

Absolutely NOT.

From the earliest days, Christians have embraced technology to share the Gospel. In our churches receive Internet enquiries for room bookings, for weddings, for baptisms, and even funerals.  It is an important part of our ministry to the parish, and the wider community.

Lifestreams uses both Facebook and twitter, and our website. The Lifestreams churches are constantly sharing our message and it is being widely read.  It is essential that 21st Century Christians engage actively in the “public square”, for we withdraw from the “public square” at our own peril.  If we are not present, others will be.

In my view, it is clear to see that the Christian message has been corrupted most recently in the USA.

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