Our Team

Colin 1

Colin Baldwin

Colin is our Priest-in-Charge. He is married to Vi, and they have three grown-up kids. Colin, a former architect, trained at St John’s, Nottingham, and has been ordained 15 years. Colin loves cycling and supports West Ham United. He is well known as a creative and pioneering minister, who was previously chaplain at the University of Essex and South Essex College. He is a member of the New Wine Leaders Network.


David Rees

David is the URC Minister at Christ Church, Rayleigh, and spends 20% of his time at Bridgwater Drive. David is Australian and is married to Birgit who is German, and they have a school-age son and daughter.


David Pierce

David, our Assistant Minister is married to Susan. David enjoys making bread, playing the banjo and making our websites and computers work properly! He is a retired school teacher, and spent 20 years as an IT consultant. David's ministry is focussed on local schools and care homes.

Amy Staff Photo

Amy Key

Amy is our Ordinand. Amy is married to Matt. She is training to be ordained at St Mellitus College, London and leads our children's ministry. She used to be a piano teacher and loves to play - in church and just for fun! Amy loves country music, all things Disney, and reading Harry Potter.

Matt Staff Photo

Matt Key

Matt is our Worship Pastor. He is married to Amy and is also training to be ordained at St Mellitus. Matt used to be a sound engineer and loves playing with cables and gizmos. Matt leads worship and works with our young people, amongst other things at LifeStreams. His interests include football (especially Arsenal), art, music, and theology - especially that of Karl Barth.


Samantha Rimington-Hicks

Sam is Colin's PA. She is married to Mark and has two grown-up daughters and two sons. Sam (miraculously) organises the clergy and staff team!

Stuart Bright manages the LifeStreams office and organise hall bookings. Our staff are supported by a wonderful ministry team comprising Kathy Jones (Pastoral Assistant), David Preddy (Reader), Celia Whitman (Retired URC Minister), our four Church Wardens, three PCC/ECCs and many active and involved members of our church family.