Inside Out Poem

We are all unique, but really the same,

On the inside we all have lungs, a heart and a brain,

We all have emotions ‘this lock down is a drain;

We laugh, cry, sleep and eat,

Jo Wicks online, ‘Come on move those feet’

Ten minutes of that ‘I’m beat’.

Time is the same for us all, are you content or going up the wall?

I read some scripture, Psalm 139,

God knows us inside out,

To him we are perfect, so do not doubt

Say, we had a choice, what would we have said?

God, can you make me taller, blue eyes, thick hair on my head.

But in God’s eyes we are perfect, how amazing is that.

We are all his work created by Him, even the parts that didn’t visit the gym.

So, we are all the same but very unique,

God makes us strong, when we think we are weak.

God is everywhere, I think it’s time for tea, He knows if I have one biscuit or sometimes three?

Sonia Perry