Salt From the Sea

Today I was struck with a thought. We are called to be salt. One way of getting very good salt is by evaporating sea water. We all know the phrase ‘the sea of humanity’. The Son of Righteousness has lifted us out of the sea of humanity and separated us (dried us out) from the world to be salt. Sea salt has all sorts of wonderful nutrients, minerals & trace elements in to make it very good for us.

This Passover has been the most significant in years – more like the original than any other with people having to stay at home. After they left Egypt following the Passover the children of Israel got very thirsty but the water was very bitter & they could not drink it. God told Moses to put salt in the water. Normally we can’t drink salt water but this salt at that time made the water sweet & the people could drink, take their fill & move on. It struck me that as we come out of lockdown some people are going to find life very bitter – grieving having suddenly lost loved ones, jobs, businesses, fearful of the future, but as we go back in circulation as salt, we will bring sweetness into the water of life so they can drink and move on in their lives & recover.

How do we be salt: just being, but also speaking of the Love of God, sharing the Gospel, helping out, listening, offering to pray…

Let’s pray that in this time of hiding away we draw near to the Son of Righteousness & let Him get rid (dry out) of all that is of the world from us so we can come out of this time as good salt.