Drawing Closer to God

Wednesday 15th April 2020 – Lockdown.

Whilst being in lockdown I have drawn closer with God and do have a deeper relationship, it hasn’t been easy, in fact it has been testing. However, I can see God on the move in different areas of my life that I haven’t really noticed before. I have been reading the Psalms and it made me realise that even through the darkest valley in my life that God is good and will remain with us through the storm, within the storm there is always a reason to be thankful and to worship the king.

God is wanting us to be able to come to him with everything that we carry on our shoulders and in our minds, even though he knows us like nobody can imagine. He knows what we are going to say, he knows what we struggle with, but he wants us to come to him, to be able to call upon his name. Our relationship with God has to work both ways, God will always have his arms wide up and will never leave us, however we have to be willing to obey him, to listen, to take time. Also in Psalm 46 verse 10 God says “ be still and know that I am God ” which I absolutely love this verse it is so welcoming by our Father to just be able to sit and take some time, whether that is going for a walk on your lunch break, first thing in the morning, or in the evening, that’s okay whatever time that works for you. It is important to be quiet and even if you can’t hear God speaking to you that is okay too. Our lives are so busy which God gets what he really does but it’s important to set a time and a place just to sit and be quiet.

This time is about acknowledging that God is with us through every second of the day.