Christingle 2016 at Saint Peter's

living life to the full


living life to the full

Saint Stephen's

Our aim is to provide a place for the community; creating an environment that is both supportive and encouraging; where peace and the relevance of God throughout life can be found.

Saint Peter's

Although the emblem for Saint Peter is normally the crossed keys symbolising the Gates of Heaven, we use the emblem of the cockerel. This reminds us of our frailty, that we do not always stand up for Jesus when challenged; we are human after all.

The Bridgwater Drive Church

The vision for The Bridgwater Drive Church is to be the hub of and a Christian presence in the young local community.

Events coming soon...

There are no events coming soon. Please come back and check again later.


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United in Lent

2nd March 2017

I’m taking a picture-a-day during lent to help me reflect on being united with Christ, whilst preparing for Easter. Here is my first offering (I’m nor promising to publish every one of them but we’ll see). These small flowers are dotted around our garden. Some of them are lonely, on their own, while others are […]

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Lifestreams and Social Media

17th January 2017

Stories of abuse and people causing upset on social media circulate widely.  In a 1992 book about the Internet I read, “If you have not been offended by something you have seen on the Internet yet, you will be”, sadly, nothing has changed, but should this warning stop us engaging with social media? Absolutely NOT. […]

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Colin’s Comments – February 2017

17th January 2017

Grace, mercy and peace to all our readers. Today is another one of those cold days with frost on the ground and clear blue skies, only interrupted by pink vapour trails, evidence of people jetting off around the world. My mind goes back to 8th July 2000 in Tanzania. I was going to a wedding, […]

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