Lifestreams at Bridgwater drive church


The Bridgwater Drive Church is a Local Ecumenical Partnership formed when the Anglican Church of St Cedd’s and the Saints of Essex, and The Bridgwater Drive United Reformed Church (URC) joined forces in 2007 becoming The Bridgwater Drive Church LEP. At The Bridgwater Drive Church LEP, or 'BDC', two congregations have come together to see themselves as 'one church'. Sunday services are taken on alternate weeks - by the Church of England one week, and the URC the next. The BDC congregation is far older in years than the other LifeStreams churches, but there are new families becoming part of the church.  We recognise that some change and outreach is required to address this imbalance.

The BDC has two church buildings known as the "Hilltop" building and the "Saint Cedd's" building. The BDC's vision for the Saint Cedd’s building is to be the hub of and a Christian presence in the young local community. The Saint Cedd's building is only currently used for major services, fayres and hall hires that require a larger space.  We will design the changes to this building in response to an imminent community audit survey.

We undertook a survey to gain an understanding of how we can best serve and present Christ to the Treecot and Mendip estates. This leaves the details of our future work in the BDC area in the hands of the patch we serve, which is exciting but as yet only God knows where the church’s future lies.

The proposed work at Saint Cedd’s will give us the rare opportunity to plan a building specifically for the purpose of doing mission and ministry in the Bridgwater Drive area.

On the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month we run a group called Tuesday Church at BDC which is a fresh expression based around tea, coffee, biscuits and a discussion around a contemporary theme and how it relates to our faith. Tuesday Church is accessible and is growing faster than the Sunday congregation.  This is just the start of far more contextually relevant mission for us at BDC, with new groups and styles of worship planned.


Coming Events at Bridgwater Drive